New Retro Wave music

Since a few years, the eighties are back with a twist. A new music style emerged, solely based around eighties synthpop.

The movie Drive with Ryan Gosling was a turningpoint for this style of music, because of its excellent soundtrack.
Now more and more people a rediscovering the pink and blue aesthetics of the eighties.

Youtube channel of New Retro Wave

Very viable alternative for Facebook

I’ve abandoned Facebook a while ago. For several years I was concerned with Facebook’s tracking, partly due to building in such pixels and trackers for my profession as a backend webdeveloper. I finally took the plunge to leave that platform behind.

Why would I let a company decide any longer what’s good for us, what we need to see, what our surfing habits are? Why would Facebook need to know which health insurance fits me best?

I’ve moved to Diaspora now. This is an open source, decentralized solution which resembles Facebook in a lot of ways, but contains no tracking or ads.

I can be found by the username arjeneke . I invite you to sign up as well at Diaspora. I’ll see you there!

Homeless drawing

I made a small drawing to act as a Facebook wallpaper. But I submissioned myself to the #deleteFacebook hashtag. Now the drawing sits here. Unused.


Bye bye Mark

I’m a bit segwaying here, but it’s finally happened: #deleteFacebook is a fact for me. I’ve done a bit of research and was unpleasantly surprised what was tracked by Facebook (and Google, for that matter).

I already wasn’t a fan of Whatsapp and Instagram, so those weren’t an issue for me. But Facebook seemed to track a bit too much to my liking.

So no more checking my FB wall, which only took a lot of time liking all the photo’s posted by others and skipping the articles that were probably really worth a read, but never get attention.

So I’m not missing out. It’s giving me more peace of mind and less tracking of personal info.

I’m happy with it! Try it yourself, #deleteFacebook !

Progress on Jumpman game

This week I managed to make some more progress on my little 8-bit(ish) game Jumpman.

The following updates and fixes were realised:

  • Added elevator platforms travelling at different speeds
  • In-game music is added and plays during the game
  • Better soundeffect when the exit opens
  • Diamonds are now randomly colored
  • Fix: when the player made a death-jump and hit an enemy, the player died twice

The wishlist for Jumpman isn’t dried up yet. More things to add:

  • Make colored keys able to be picked up by player
  • color coded doors need animation and be tied to respective colored key
  • add a game-over screen
  • add hiscore table with autosave option built in
  • timer for each level, creating the possibility of time-runs (maybe as gamemode?)
  • Fix: Push the player away from walls when on elevator

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How spartan can it get?

I love to code in Pico-8. The given constraints to work in and overall aestetics of Pico-8 are very enjoyable to me. While using Pico-8, I’m also on a continual quest to have the most appropriate workstation for it.

I still have an old EEE-PC 901 laying around. This old tiny laptop still works and is a perfect candidate to use as my main Pico-8 development platform.

My goal is to have Sparky Linux installed on it and use some clouddrive for shared workspace to store my carts on. Hopefully I have that little netbook up and running today!


Jumpman v.0.6.1 (Win 7+)

You can download a pre-alpha version of Jumpman for Windows. Keep in mind this is a very broken version, not much to do but run to the next exit and end up in the void of incompleteness:)

Download here