New Retro Wave music

Since a few years, the eighties are back with a twist. A new music style emerged, solely based around eighties synthpop.

The movie Drive with Ryan Gosling was a turningpoint for this style of music, because of its excellent soundtrack.
Now more and more people a rediscovering the pink and blue aesthetics of the eighties.

Youtube channel of New Retro Wave

Very viable alternative for Facebook

I’ve abandoned Facebook a while ago. For several years I was concerned with Facebook’s tracking, partly due to building in such pixels and trackers for my profession as a backend webdeveloper. I finally took the plunge to leave that platform behind.

Why would I let a company decide any longer what’s good for us, what we need to see, what our surfing habits are? Why would Facebook need to know which health insurance fits me best?

I’ve moved to Diaspora now. This is an open source, decentralized solution which resembles Facebook in a lot of ways, but contains no tracking or ads.

I can be found by the username arjeneke . I invite you to sign up as well at Diaspora. I’ll see you there!