Progress on Jumpman game

This week I managed to make some more progress on my little 8-bit(ish) game Jumpman.

The following updates and fixes were realised:

  • Added elevator platforms travelling at different speeds
  • In-game music is added and plays during the game
  • Better soundeffect when the exit opens
  • Diamonds are now randomly colored
  • Fix: when the player made a death-jump and hit an enemy, the player died twice

The wishlist for Jumpman isn’t dried up yet. More things to add:

  • Make colored keys able to be picked up by player
  • color coded doors need animation and be tied to respective colored key
  • add a game-over screen
  • add hiscore table with autosave option built in
  • timer for each level, creating the possibility of time-runs (maybe as gamemode?)
  • Fix: Push the player away from walls when on elevator

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